About SolOrion Universe.

About our universe, The history of the world and the universe.

I studied the world, myths, and legends. I think studying the world, space and how humanity developed is important. History of the world and universe plays a key role in our universe.

I think people should study history like the global wars, internal struggles and conflicts since the dawn of Man. The innovations that Humanity created. The ancient lore, myths and legends from around the world. It is all connected.

I studied the ancient world, ancient warfare, the global wars, warfare, myths, legends, space and other attributes to humanity. It helped me create my story, vision and what I want from our universe and story.

I love gaming, movies, art, anime, science fiction, and history. I traveled around the world and studied different cultures, myths, and legends. As a disabled person that is impressive. I seen real struggles and oppression.

Our universe is about escapism, having fun and using your imagination. I want people to live like they are in another universe. I want them to explore, discover, unlock history and myths of the universe.

Here we can chat, discuss history, the universe and the SolOrion Universe. We want our universe and community to grow.

We are looking for funding, support and help.

Thank you.

Team SolOrion

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