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Harassing and bullying.

It is not call. How would they feel if they were treated the same way? I receive it countless times on my end. Most of them are bullies, fake and very immature. Let me do my thing. You can do your thing. Blocking others over different t views and unions are stupid. I only block really bad bullies who insult, stalk and who won't leave you alone.


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I’m paying for website. Bullying will be blocked.

I pay for this website and all my things. Do not tell me, control me and use me for your mockery entertainment. Everyone make mistakes. No human is perfect. If you think you are perfect why are you he

Our main titles are out. Check them out.

Hi, We welcome anyone who is mature enough to our new universe. The story of good and evil, morality, balance, and faith among the stars. We do not tolerate bullying, trolling and harassment. If you c

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