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It seems like only radicals can post and say whatever they want.


I recently got banned on some websites for defending myself. I posted some topics relating to history, war and current events. Some people did not like that. I told the mods. They did not care. They wont appeal my account. I think people today are very sensitive and immature. They call everyone they disagree with phobic, racist, or something. Those words are becoming meaningless. I never block and remove people. I only block trolls and bullies. I been bullied myself. I been rejected. I been targeted. I been denied. I been rejection.

I told the mods that I was defending myself, my country and beliefs. The Far Political Radical people can say whatever they want, ban people, and spread rumors of others. I never never never do that to other people. That is immature. People need to grow up and stop being political over everything. Yet they watch, read, and play video games with tough topics, war, and history. I get banned for saying something but certain radical people can say and do whatever they want.

I am not sorry for being myself, stand up for myself and having honor.

Thank You.


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