Mission Statement

Hello Everyone,

I am Brandon lead writer and creator of SolOrion.

A Mission Statement from me and the team.

We do not tolerate bullying, drama, political and harassment of any kind. Users and people who harass anyone in anyway will be deleted, reported and blocked from the website. We have been seeing an increase of bullying around the internet recently by other fans, fandoms and creators. WE DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING. We are here to escape, have fun and enjoy a hobby and story.

I was bullied, harassed and been denied my whole life. I know what it is like to be bullied. Our story have a more mature and historical themes. We love history, exploration, the world wars, space, mythology and other themes. We are just people who want to escape the real world, have fun and enjoy ourselves. We only have one life.

We may have content that is considered too sexy, historical and themes in our story. We will have nudity, action, maybe some blood and materials that is not suitable for young and sensitive people. We have historical and ancient themes, genocidal like acts, pandemical, and blood in our story. We make sure that our story is on terms and suitable for 17 and over.

Our story and universe may have content, themes and stories that is not for everyone. We will have the the normal version and the censored version.

Thank you.

Team SolOrion.

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