New Mission and support.

Hello, Everyone.

We need support, following and funding. We just want to tell our story and vision of the future. We want to make other projects, movies, animations, and more. We just release new art, updated website and worked on our hybrid books. We are working on some novels and other unique, fascinating, and interesting projects. Everyone is welcome to join us who are willing to escape, explore and have fun.

We just want to escape the real world, drama, politics and boring stuff. No politics and drama allowed on our platforms. People can do that on their own terms. We just want to have fun. All are welcome. We hope to pay our bills, employees, and make money. We need money and funding to create new projects, update the website and feed ourselves. We know that it is difficult out there. It is tough. I am for example doing history, bills and work on school and work.

If people can't afford to help us out they can spread the word, our story and products that we have now. We believe we created a unique and interesting story. I am proud of what we made. The money will go to our story, website and employees. I know that we are trying to get a hold of big studios. publishers and editors. We hope to have our video game, soundtrack, board game, books and other projects.

Our dream is to have fun, share our story to the world and make people feel like they are part of a universe.

Thank you.

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