SolOrion. No real world drama here.

Updated: Sep 1


No drama and real world issues. We ignore most comments that have nothing to do with the story. We all have problems. We love to escape into worlds snd not deal with nonsense. As a disabled deaf creator I created this world so it can be perfect and feee if real world nonsense. There is too much nonsense going around all over the place. It is not fun. There will be No politics here. If you are politics, harassed, and troll you will be banned. Sorry. Leave that at home. We only talk about story related topics.

We can talk about history, technology and good things if you want. People just be respectful and good to different views. The problem with most sci-fi fandoms, and writing today are they are too political and bad. I love having fun and escaping the real world. We are sure that you like that also. We ask if you leave politics at home. Also no drugs, cursing, and mocking the creators, Tran and what not in public or online.

Thank you.

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Hi, SolOrion is created by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is copyrighted by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is story of good and evil among the stars. SolOrion took many years to create from scratch. We h