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Our main titles are out. Check them out.


We welcome anyone who is mature enough to our new universe. The story of good and evil, morality, balance, and faith among the stars. We do not tolerate bullying, trolling and harassment.

If you comment come of mean attacking or that nature will be deleted. Not sorry. We have some free things for viewers to enjoy. I am a one man person. I am proud,, I take pride and joy in my work. I hired people from around the world. We do not make much money. I do everything myself when I can.

I am deaf and disabled. I got denied jobs, friendships and others along the way. I believe in god, I have hopes snd faith. The rest will be on Amazon and storefront to buy. We have ton of free art and visual story on our art pages.

No bullying, being a jerk and troll allowed on any of our website or we will shut off comments, forums and messages for good. It for my and yours safety health. We are just here to tell our story.

Thank You

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