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Hello Everyone,

About Us.

SolOrion is a series, universe, and story. Brandon Pichichero or Brandon Pic for short created the universe SolOrion. Brandon helped create the story, studio. and the universe. Brandon is part disabled, deaf and is proud to have a unique background and knowledge. Brandon knows that life can be hard. Brandon created a universe to escape, explore and imaginate.

We want people to escape and have fun. We hope to make other titles in the future. SolOrion Studios hope to make other stories and history books. SolOrion is the flagship title of SolOrion Studios and Brandon Pichichero. We welcome everyone to escape and have fun. We just ask to treat everyone respectfully, leave politics, and drama at home. Thank you.

About SolOrion

SolOrion is a space opera and next generation of science fiction. SolOrion is about good and evil among the universe and the heavens. SolOriontells how the universe merged and was created from scratch. The Universe which was created by Creator during the big bang in the beginning of the universe which was eons ago. SolOrion begins from the big bang and to the creator who created the universe. The creator then planet Telics and gave life to the universe filling the mortals and immortals of the universe.

SolOrion is a tale of good and evil, the mortals and immortals of the universe, and how they can live together. We spent years studying history, fiction, myths, legends, space, and history to build out universe and story. In the MultiSeries we set you off on the long space opera which the story is mainly set in the future. Events of the past and present play a role in the SolOrion universe. Humanity is among the stars with aliens, gods and super humans.

About First Book.

SolOrion is the first of its kind. We combined a book and script. Oriiginally we wanted to do a TV series and Manga. We decided to combine our book and scripts together. have Script and half book. We didn;t want our story go to waste if we can't get the funding we need. We want to do a universe in movies, books,, anime, gaming and all that. We want people to talk about our story, characters and universe for future generation. We have to start somewhere so we created the SolOrion MultiSeries Book Series.

We are happy to announce our first book and part of the SolOrion MultiSeries that we are working in. We been through many titles and drafts to figure out the direction and draft that we want to do. We are very ambitious and passionate about our story, future and universe. We want people to escape, have fun, imagine and explore teh wonders of space, history, and the myths of the universe.

We want our story to grow. We want to make the manga, animations and video game come to life. We need help from studios, investors, and publishers. We really want our universe to be a franchise. We imagine people reading our story, watching, playing, and exploring our universe that we created.

We have about 20 books in total, we have a few TV seasons written, Game ideas, and other unique story projects. We are open for studios and publishers. I did research. I know it expensive but I believe that we have something. There are people who want good stories, not politics, and boring stuff. There are too many sequels, remakes, and bad products.

Thank you.

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