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SolOrion Apolitical


We are SolOrion studios. We are Apolitical, independent, and an individual based company. We are American and disabled owned. We do not talk politics or associate with politics at our studio. We will block, deny and ban most political terms, statements, and pints. The story is already diverse, sci-fi and fiction suppose to be diverse, and escapism. That how we are going to work and create.

The only values you should have at work is work, your health, and your country of origin and studio story symbols. Politics and drama is not health people hit causes confusion and division. People do not really enjoy that. We chose to be apolitical because everything is political and divisive. We will only have our country flags, studio and story logos and symbols, and that is about it.

The creator sbd employees can talk about whatever they want. Anything that goes against company policies should be left at home. We think a company do better when they are healthy, focused on the job, and not have political symbols sbd stances. We bought this up when creating our company. we take our values, freedom, morals, and honor very seriously and respectfully.

Thank You

Team SolOrion

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