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SolOrion Cosplay


We also sell props, helmets and models designs for cosplay. It is specific for our story snd studio. Our manufacturing friends with 3d printers can help bring our story to life. The creator he been cosplay for 10 years. The latest costume his from scratch and by have. Something are 3d printed. The current weapons and models he made himself. We been working in writing, art to 3d models. If people like to see and support our work please follow and support the website and story.

Making something from art or story to the real world is not easy. It is lot of work. It can be hard, time consuming and frustrating. Not everyone can do it. Only a handful and hobbyist can make their dreams become reality. We want to make our dreams and stories become s reality because the world says that we can't. People are always asking for more stories, less real world drama and politics. That is what we want to bring back to the world. Escapism, fun and imagination.

Thank You.

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