SolOrion for Publishers and studios.

Hello, Everyone

I am Brandon Pic the original creator and writer of SolOrion and SolOrion Studios. SolOrion Studios is a new indie studio that I help create. SolOrion is their main story and brand. We hope to do other stories in the future. SolOrion and Brandon are very creative and can write unique stories and characters. SolOrion is about good and evil, destiny, faith, hope, revenge and other themes.

We at SolOrion Studios are looking for studios, publishers and editors. We have the basic content, script, plots and stories. We just need help looking for studios and publishers. We need a publisher who is willing to help us, make our game and universe come to life. We know that it is difficult but we believe that we have something.

We are taking feed back, support and trying to build a new universe and scifi community. We are here to escape, imagine and have fun. No politics at all. I love scifi, gaming, anime, history and you name it.

Thank you.

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