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SolOrion Online Rules and Game Guide

Updated: Apr 16





Game Guide




Brandon Pichichero






Copyright © 2022 by Brandon Pichichero

All rights reserved. No part of this book be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

SolOrion and SolOrion Studios.












The Sena Galactic Archives is the universe guide. The Guide talks about the universe, the events, certain characters, weapons, and the lore of the universe. The people will learn about the universe, games and what bought the balance. A story of good and evil, morality, and honor. There are talks and rumors of a new war by a hero and one of the few remaining legends.









Will we be remembered for generations? Will the future have balance? There are so many unknown answers. We are figuring out daily.

-Zena Ta




Welcome to The Universe

The Game


SCENE. In Space. Current. Scene. A.U. E

In Space.


The Narrator

The Galaxy and Universe is in a calm state. There are rumors of Darkas remnants. Welcome to our universe.


SolOrion is a science fiction universe created by Brandon Pichichero. A story of good and evil among the stars. The universe is in a state of unbalance. The universe needs a balance to maintain balance, law, order, morality, and stability. The Galaxy been split into half between the good forces and the dark forces. SolOrion is different because it is set within our universe. The gods left the Galaxy for a while. The beings started to evolve on their own.


The good is fighting for what is right, the creator, and individual freedom and balance. The dark is fighting for control, command, domination, and conquest over others. The universe has been at war since the dawn of the universe. The gods recently split and broke into different groups. It led the Galaxy and citizens and mortal life confused.


The mortals decided to align themselves and think on their own. There are those who are loyal to the light and dark forces of the universe. The Milky Way Galaxy is believed to be the center of the universe and where the creator created life. The created worlds, the Telics, knowledge, and the technology for the gods and mortals.


The different and main factions, regions, and characters of SolOrion and their colors.


Numians N.A.R Many colors.

Humans E.S.R Light, Dark, and Mix hues.

Kaloians K.F.F Mostly Blue and purple, green colors,

Orionians O.E. Different colors and types.

Xerians X.I.F Blue, green, tarnished, and red.

Uversan- Good gods.

Darkas- Bad gods.

The Neura- Neutral Gods.


Earth Systems Republic. Planet Earth Capital.


Numian Alactic Republic. Planet Numia Capital.


Kalo Federation. Planet Kalo Capital.


Orionian Empire. Planet Orionia Capital.


Xerian Imocracy. Planet Xeria Capital.


Uversa. Uversa Capital.


Darkas. DarkA Capital.


Blue Numian Alactic Alition

Red Gold Orka Federation

Gold Ori Empire

Orange Red Darkas Forces

Green Earth Systems Republic

Whitish green Xerian Imocracy Forces

White bluish Uversa

Purplegrey Kalo Federation



How the game can be played….

The Game Settings…


The game is meant to be played with models, cards, board, and dice. There are multiple ways people can play. The game can be played physically, digitally, and online. We want a video game version. The video games will have Shooter, Open World, RTS, RPG, and character driver games we want. I know that it is lot of work. We are working very hard. I am sure you will quickly learn our game.



The Card Game


We been testing our games. The Tabletop game can be played in different game modes like singleplayer, self-play, multiplayer, and coop. Either way it is a fun game. 

The card game is like a mix of 21, black jack and west. After Each play The player with the highest number wins the game. All the cards played. 

If players have the same number on the card it is a draw. No one wins that round. The cards are pushed to the side. The cards can be played with conquest game mode and big game modes.


The Rules of the Card Game.


1.      The Card game can be played with any number of cards. It takes 10 cards to play a small game.


2.      The game can be played with up to 10 players. I have no limit. To get the best of it I recommend 2 players.


3.      The Game can be played within 5 minutes. The more cards, perks and bonuses can take longer.


4.      The players can be on any side, play factions, or no factions card decks and even do their own thing. Most games will be played between factions the way the game is designed.  


5.      They can build their decks by collecting and buying cards and card packs. They could even trade among each other if they want to or have doubles.


6.      The cards will be ranged by common, uncommon, rare and exotic cards. Common will be between 0-50.


UnCommon Cards will be 50-85.

The Rare Cards will be 85-100.

The Exotic Cards will be 100-150.


7.      The players will need to shuffle their cards after picking their side or faction.


8.      The main card number is in the center of the card above the art. The Rank of card type is on the upper right corner. It should be easy to see. The plus means positive and the negative means negative.


9.      The Bonus Cards have different symbols and logos from within the game. It could be any card, vehicle symbol or character.


10.  The Players can draw their cards at any time they want. There is no time limit. If you want a time lit it might make the game more challenging.


11.  You can shuffle in between. Anytime you want. It can help you win or lose. It all depends on the greater the card.


12.  If you have a negative card that counts as a lost to whoever have a negative number.  


13.  Whoever has the greater card wins the round. They take their opponent’s card and then place it on their winning pile.


14.  If there is a draw with the same number no one gets that card. It goes in the draw pile between your cards and the opponent cards.


15.  Whoever has the bonus card can get a bonus card from the draw pile or opponent pile. It must be their faction card. (I suggest separating the winning cards. You card in one pile and the other in the other pile. At the end of the game, you count whoever has the most cards.)


16.  At the end of the game whoever has the most cards in their piles wins the game. The player with the most cards wins the game.  


Have fun.



1.     Played with all forms.

2.     Played with Dice. The Dice Game Version.

3.     Played with Cards. The Card Game Version.

4.     Played with Models. The Models of SolOrion.



How to play the game??


The main SolOrion Game players must start with ten random cards from their pile. The players should shuffle their cards to be fair. There is main, power ups, abilities, and rare cards in the decks. The movement cards are how you can play. The negative moves are the negative cards. The cards can be played in different ways. Each player starts with one hundred points. There are positive and negative points to cards that can affect how you play the game. There are game modes where you are free to play however you want. You can play by yourself, wave-based mode, and other players.


The SolOrion Tabletop Player Modes.


1.     Singleplayer.

2.     Multiplayer.

3.     Co-Op.

4.     Horde Mode.

5.     Conquest.

6.     Survival.

7.     RTS.

8.     Shooter.


SolOrion Type of Game Modes.

1.     Fleet Takeover.

The players must take over the enemy fleet.


2.     Fleet Elimination.

The players must Eliminate the enemy fleet.


3.     Mercenary.

The players can play as a freelancer mercenary.


4.     Dogfighting.

The Starfighter combat mode where the players fight with starfighters.


5.     Hunter

The Player must seek, destroy, or capture the Hunter. Play as Bounty Hunter, Police, or Mercenary.


6.     Be Hunted.

The Player must hide from the Hunters, Government, and Police Forces.


7.     System Takeover.

The Players must take over the System.


8.     Galactic Takeover.

The players must take over the galaxy.


9.     Universal Takeover.

The Player must take over the universe.


10.  Planetary Takeover.

The Player must take over the planet and its surroundings.


11.  Hero Battles.

The players can be a Hero or a Villain. It is like a team battle or deathmatch with only hero characters ships, and factions.


12.  Space Battles.

The battle is set in space and only in space. No surface planets. Moon and Asteroid and stations are considered space.


13.  Sea, Air, and Land Battles only.

Only in planetary, simulated, and nebular sky like regions.


14.  Land Battles.

The battle is only on the land of the planet, moo, station, or asteroid.

15.  Air Battles.The Battle is set in the skies of the planet and air like environments.

16.  Sea Battles.The battle is set on sea and the planet between the players.

17.  Deathmatch

A deathmatch every man for themselves on the battlefield mode. The player must defeat all player and NPC Opponents.

18.  TeamDeath Match.

The Basic team deathmatch system between players. The winning team takes and win all.

19.  Hero Command.The player is in command of their units and must stop the opposing player forces.

20.  Planetary Conquest.To Conquer the planet. The player must conquer the planet. The others defend it or take over. It can be played multiple ways. You can take over the planet, destroy, or defend it from the enemy.


21.  Galactic Conquest.

To conquer the universe and eliminate the enemy threat. The mode can be singleplayer, against, team, and co-op against others and NPC.


22.  Universal Conquest.

To conquer the universe and eliminate the enemy threat. The mode can be singleplayer, against, team, and co-op against others and NPC.


23.  System Conquest.

To take full control of the Solar System and hold the systems from the enemy.


24.  Battle of the Gods.

The Battle of the Gods. God like only factions. The Player only picks the God like characters, factions, and civilizations.


25.  Telica Hunt.

The mode where the players search the universe for hidden treasure, artifacts, funding, and Telics of the old world.



26.  Custom and do what you want.


A custom game is when a player or players can create and play any style or mixed of styles they want. In Our game there is no limitation. The only limitation is the score. The player with the least is the loser. The Player with the most at the end of the game is the winner. In the Card game the player can pick 5 cards, ten cards, up to a hundred cards if they want to play a longer game. The card with the highest points wins the match. If you are playing team mode you can use two cards and try to beat the highest number.

The one with the highest number card wins the round and can take the enemy card for the game. You count the number of cards that you own. The numbers, negative, and positive on the cards mean something and you must watch out for them in the game. The players can play how they want and join a faction or be a neutral and pirate in the game. The player can pick their species, civilization, group, and faction.

In the Board Game there are many ways to play. The Play can call quiets if their flagship is destroyed, or they can keep on going until the last ship or man standing. It is possible to still win the game but the player already won 2 out of 3 biggest game mode when they reached the endzone, taken out the space fleet, and megaships. The players and enemies will go after the endzone and flagships first.

If there are multiple flagships and primeships the game can take longer. If there are multiple flags and primeships that player would aim for the Endzone. A player may want to do conquest and take all In the Card Game it is similar but there are more ships and options to play. If you combine the models and cards, you can of a battlefield conquest like experience. We tested out different ways to play. Factional play, teamplay, wave based, and solo play.


There are many different choices that can be played in the Solorion Game. I hope that players find themselves lost in a new universe. The players should pretend and feel like they are there. The Tabletop Game is a concept to a full video game that we hope and want to do.


The factions, characters, and heroes play a role in the game.






The Game

The Game Movements



The positive numbers are good.


The Negative Numbers are bad.


The Rare cards are good and rare.


The player should start with 10 cards in a deck. After each role they can select 2 new cards out of their pack.


If the card is attacked, damaged and destroyed they lose that card for the next round or the whole game depending on the damage.


The different games that we have their own scores and style of play. In wave based mode it can be endless gameplay until the player is defeated, dead, gave up, and retreated.


The dice have negative and positive numbers. There are special power ups and blanks on the dice.


The power and special symbols on the cards and dice mean something to the player. It can be good and bad for whoever has them. If the player lands on a blank their turn is empty. The blank on the power dice means you get no bonuses or specials. In defense it means that you do not get the defense and shields. There is a medical symbol for medics and hope like a cross on the card and dice.


 Each ship, character, weapons, and vehicles have their own attack, defense, and special abilities. If the ship or card is defeated it is defeated meaning it can’t come back to life. If the ship is repaired it can come back to battle. If the card and model need repair and upgrades it can do so. If a model or card needs repair the player can’t use that card for a few turns. If the model or card needs assistance the player has to not use that card during that turn. There are unique ways to play the game.


The player moves.

It can be any color if the faction is being used. The movie is based on the faction and player. 1-4 dice.



The Positive Dice.

If land on a 6 it sic moves, blank means nothing and 1 means one. Each dice will have 8 spots 1-6. Bonus and Blank. The blank does nothing. The bonus gives the player extra specialty and power. If the player did not use special form before they can double the special or attacks, or defense as a bonus.


The Negative Dice.

If the player lands on the negative dice they must choose a negative that that is 1-6. Negative points and blank mean no move and power ability negative on turn. The player role on the negative and they can’t do anything. The play could lose its bonus from before.


Blue Card/Dice is a player Movement. 1-6. Number of dice.

Can be single piece or multiple pieces.



Dice 1-6 Player Even are Positive Attacks.


Attack Token

The attack token is when you attack the enemy team.


Defense Token

The Defense Token is when you use your defense on your turn.


The Bonus Token

Allows you to use one of your abilities or ability dice.


The Special Token

The special token is when you use your special bonus that you can pick if you get on your movement 8 dice role.


Dice -1-6 Negative movement


Dice Positive 2, 4, 6, 8

The Positive points are added. The Numbers score can be one hundred million in a certain play mode. Blue and Green colors.


 The Factions Dice.


SolNu Alliance Blue 1-6. Move. Bonus Blank.

Orka Federation Gold 1-6 move. Bonus Blank.

Special Mode.

Type of Blue Card/Dice 1-6 The Player can select a special movement.


Space Combat Mode.

The mode players can play in space.


Story Mode.

The Mode where players can play and create their own story. They can create their own character, background, abilities, and story. They may run into unique questions, and characters.


Galactic Police Mode.

The player can become galactic police in their story and have the ability to hunt the other player and NPC in the universe. They are part of the special ability to dice and move.


Pirate Mode.


The Pirates can attack anyone at random. There is a pirate symbol on the dice. The ability dice have spec ops, pirates, spies, hunters, and stealthy.


Bounty Hunter Mode.


The Bounty Hunters are people who want to go their own route. They have their own set of classes, background, abilities, and dice. Their dice is grey in color. The Bounty Hunters play by their own roles, goals, and morals.


Extra Fleets.


Extra weapons. To arm special weapons, characters, and abilities. 1-6


Hero Card.


A character that can be developed and is a special time limit card. Each faction and side have their own set of characters in the games. They have their own side, background, and story. If you are a SolNu Alliance or Uversan you cannot use Orka-DarkA Hero Card.


Hero Ship.

Villain Ship.

Allied character.

Super laser.

Planet destroyer.

Fleet destroyer.



Magnetic-Enar Fields.

Asteroid Fields.

Uncharted Space.


Dark Space.

Dark Space is full of mystery, pirates. Lawless, and chaotic nature which players want to avoid. The Galactic Civilizations and Gods want to avoid them.


Rouge Comets.

The Rouge pieces of rocks and comets that are in space are devastating to a planet. Fleet, and life.


Lost in Space.

The player gets lost in space.


Bad Weather.

Bad weather in space can happen anytime and at any moment.



The IBMs are missiles and mass weapons to use against enemy units, troops, and invaders. The shields must be down and in takeover to use the weapons. The governments of the Galaxy made IBMs a last resort type of weapon. The IMBs are super advanced.



EMPs are attacks that the defending team, planet, and forces can launch when they are in a serious situation. The EMP can take out enemy and sometimes friendly units who are in range of the attack.


Illegal entry.

Illegal entry can have an effect on fleets and in certain territories.


Orange- Retreat. 1-6 move. The retreat option to allow the player to fullback.


Security. 1-4 move. It allows the player to add additional security forces.


The Negative Points.


The Negative Points play a big role in decision making and have consequences. There are gods that you cannot get ride off and that you must play. The Players either help their sides, attack the enemy, and The Odd Numbers on the dice are negative. The Negative numbers on the game cards mean something.




Universal Background


The Narrator

Information and background of the universe.


Zena is in space on a Numian Ship after the wars. Beyonda Eons. The wars ended and balance been bought back to the universe. The people wanted peace and to live in prosperity from the war. The people of the universe wrote down and documented what happened.


The Narrator

The guide to the universe. It is the end of the old eons and into the new eons. The memories are not forgotten and will not be.


Zena is going over the basics of the events of the galaxy. Zena is the one who survived and witnessed most of the events. The biggest wars recently ended but there are still issues in the galaxy. The galaxy has been having issues with the remnants of the SolOrion Wars and the Darkas who want to return the darkness.


Zena Ta

It is the beginning and we have come a long way. I am doing what I can. I am showing you students and citizens what it was like during the wars.


A story of good and evil, destiny, faith, and balance among the stars and the heavens. The Creation of the Universe. It is the Beginning of the universe. The Creator created many worlds and the beings within. The universe was created with the big bang. It was like a blank eye.


The Beginning of the Universe



The Creator creating all life, The Gods, and then the DarkA and Uversa. The beginning of the universe by the creator and the mighty beings of the universe. Then the battle in the heavens between the Gods and Goddesses for control and power of the universe.


Birth of the Universal Government.



The council of Uversa and the DarkA are at war with one another. They split and formed different governments. The Uversa and the DarkA. Then came the war for the universe between the Uversa and the DarkA. A mighty war that Devastated the ancient universe.

The light gods have taught the mortal being’s math, education, numbers, and the powers that the Telics and technology hold. There are ruins, Telics, and ancient technology all over the universe. Lord Anuba who was an illegal hybrid and destroyed Telics was destroyed.

The True Orionians controlled early Humanity and half of the Galaxy. There was a time of peace until the darkness came. Darkness started consuming after Lord Anuba and the Ancient Wars of the universe.

After the Ancient War, the galaxy started forming alliances, a new system of governments, and sectors. New species and civilizations started to emerge from the ancient wars.


The Modern Earth Wars

0000----2100 A.U.E


The Ancient and Worlds Wars of Sol. It tells the stories and battles of the ancient system and sector of Sol. How humanity was created, the formation of the Earth Systems Republic. The ancient beings and mysterious beings helped free the Earth and Sol from their overlords.


The Blue Republic Rising

2022-2100 A.U.E


The General Public does not know about the secret Earth forces. The Earth and the SolNu Alliance are building an alliance and protection of the new species. The SolNu Alliance wants to give new species a chance on their own.

They helped Earth because of the Orionian forces in the area. Or’A has been attacking New Earth establishments on Earth, Lunar, and Mars. A mini civil war broke out between the Or’A and UEA. The public is going by their daily lives.



The Contactica Wars

2100-2350 A.U.E


Humans are starting to become a space-faring super-advanced civilization. Humans faced a struggle like no other. Ancient wars, famine, the world wars, space wars, plaques. Humans are among the stars. Humans meet alien life for the first time and their creators. The Orionians controlling the Sol Sector.


The Numka Wars

2250-2480 A.U.E


In the Milky Way Galaxy, there are conflicts, galactic situations, and wars between governments, species, and civilizations. The Orionians and Xerians were at war. The Numian and Kaloians. The Humans and other galactic groups and their own.

The Xerians, Humans, and Numians formed the SolNu Alliance and helped govern the Nuria Alition. The fight between the Kaloians and Numians. The Kaloians and Numians disagree with each other over economic and territory. The Humans and Orionians joined the fighting.


The Kaloian Wars

2400-2480 A.U.E


The wars between the Humans and The Kaloians. The Kaloians were angry with the humans because they wanted their land. The Kaloian Wars ended in a draw because there was no end in sight. The Galvans came in and stopped the fight. They told humanity they cannot expand into Kaloian territory. The Kaloians cannot take what was lost but were given unused territory. The two-sided had to sign a treaty if they wanted to boost their economy and their galactic trade routes.

The war ended because of outside interference. The Kaloians and humans continue to disagree and fight each other. They agreed not to attack homeworlds. There was a treaty signed by all most sectors in the Milky Way Government to not attack homeworlds.


The Orionians were the ones to refuse, and they follow no foreign laws. The Orionians were watching the war very closely.


The First SolOrion Wars

2400-2550 A.U.E


It is after the Kaloians war with tension rising between the many galactic sectors and civilizations. The Ori Empire and ORKA Federation attacked the Earth Systems Republic and the SolNu Alliance. A war that devastated millions across the galaxy.

The Humans fought back and gained back their territory from the ORKA and DarkA forces. The galaxy learned about the different factions, their heroes, and the evil and dark forces in the universe. The Red Lord wanted to take back their territory and bring honor to their people.

Humans want to fight to keep their home, their rights, and have a place in the universe. The galaxy chose and picked sides for the conflict. The heroes were finding their path and destiny. The characters had their own stories.


The Second SolOrion Wars

2600-2800 A.U.E


The SolOrion War where The Red Emperor attacked the Sol System and took over the system. The ESR gained back the Sol Sector, rescued the president, and attacked the Orionains at their home base. The Red Lord has been exiled for their doing and shame to the people of the Orionian Empire.

The Red Lord went into silence conflicts, and the war continued. The SolNu Alliance and the Ori Empire are trying to make a peace treaty. The galaxies have been trying to work together to end the strange conflict.


A Time of Peace

2900-3200 A.U.E


There was a time of peace after the SolOrion Wars and before the Universal Wars. There are still conflicts, pirate raids, The Galaxy was reconstructed and rebuilt from the SolOrion Wars. It was a golden age for the Galaxy before the Return.


The Unari Wars

3000-4000 A.U.E


A terrible threat returned to the galaxy after they had been defeated multiple times by the immortals and mortal’s joint alliance. The Enemy sent an armada of ships into the galaxy to various sectors and home worlds.


The Beyonda Wars

4000-Beyond A.U.E


The Beyonda, Uversan, and forever wars. The Light Gods and DarkA Gods are at war for several varied reasons. The Galaxies are working together for a rightful future. The DarkA Gods are making it impossible for peace among the many worlds of the universe. The Uversa and Good Gods destroyed the black holes and gathered the remaining Telics. The black holes were not created again. The DarkA Forces can still be a threat. The Creator said not everything is unstoppable.


The End of an Eon

5000.-Beyond A.U.E


The Creator returned to the galaxy after years of conflicts. The Creator managed to give balance to the universe. The immortals and mortals alike must find balance. The Creator did not kill the darkness remains. The Creator gave more balance to the universe.


Ten billion The Uversan Council of Galaxies was formed.


-7,000,000,000 B.A.U.E -DarkA Control

The Gods are at war with each other. Other Galaxies fell and are left alone. A time of darkness. DarkA controlled the Galaxy. Lord Anuba controlled Sol Sector and waged war against Nuria and the Gods.


- 2,000,000,000 B.A.U.E - Nurie Alition Milky Way.


Formation of Milky Way Order. The Nuria Nurie Alition was formed by the first Galactic Species.


-5,000,000 B.A.U.E -The Gods Civil War.


The Gods at war once again between the DarkA and the Uversa. The ORKA Federation and the SolNu Alliance were formed locally to protect and defend themselves from outside forces.


-2,000,000 B.A.U.E - Galactic Wars

The Galactic Wars in the Galaxy.


-0000 -Birth of a new God.


The Havens of space and time calling. Galactic Miracles are happening around the universe.


-500-2000 A.U.E the Middle Wars.

The Crusades and the Middle Ages of Earth. Crusades and warfare around the galaxy by the Kaloians and Orionian forces. The SolNu Alliance maintaining security.


-1900-1940’s. A.U.E. EarthA Wars.


The Rise of the Or’A, rebel forces like the Japanese, Nazis, and others against the United EarthA Alliance. The threat of world Wars and takeover. Hitler met with Orionian Ambassadors of the Red Lord.

The Earth Wars and The Waking of the Sleeping Giant. America enters World War. The Numians and Xerians secretly help the United Earth Alition against the Or’A, Orionains, and other rouge groups.



A massive attack by the OrAOri forces on EarthA cities across the world. The attacks were unprovoked and surprised the nations of Earth.


Zena Ta

There was lot of forgotten and lost history in the universe. The Earth has had many conflicts over the years.



The massive EarthA Invasion the world has ever seen. The EarthA forces stepped foot on the shores of the OraOrka forces. There were massive land invasions and air battles by the SolNu EarthA forces


-1945. A.U.E.

The First Nuclear and Atomic testing and bombings.


-1945-1962. A.U.E. The secret space wars and remnants of Nazis and Or’A.


1962. A.U.E. President John F. Kennedy makes a public Statement and hidden message of Galactic Warfare, Space Exploration.


1962 A.U.E. The Earth goes to space.

The public space exploration programs began. In secret, they have help with outside and alien sources.


-1969 A.U.E. American and Humanity landed on the Moon.


-1975 A.U.E -The First colonies on the Moon.


-1980-2000 A.U.E. Colonization of Luna and exploration of Sol.


-2000 A.U.E. Humanity in space.

The First flights in space with modern technology and moon, mars, and Venus’s terraforming. The first Space Stations and Space Shuttles.


-4000-2500 A.U.E- The NuXian War.

The NuXian war is a war between the Numians and Orionians. The Orionains stumbled upon their territory.


-2001. A.U.E -Space Wars between the Or’A and United Earth Alition.


-2004 A.U.E. -The public of Earth sent rovers to the Red Planet.


-2005 A.U.E. -Alien Life was secretly discovered.


-2006 A.U.E. -The United Earth Alition sent a secret fleet. Mars.


-2008. Humanity back in Space.


President Obama makes a speech about space exploration and funding.


-2015 A.U.E.


The UEA began colonizing the Solar System in secrecy with Earth's local governments. Obama and Trump helped sign the deal for the United States to continue in space. Russia, Japan, and China are right behind them. The governments want added resources and technologies. A new cold war is about to begin in space.


-2020 A.U.E.


Musk, Japan, Iran, India, and Trump Launches their new space programs and innovative technologies in space. SpaceX launched Starlink, new satellites, and other technologies for humankind. Nasa sent secret space missions to Luna and Mars to start colonization and development with the UEA Secret joint forces.


The Blue Republic Rising.

2022-2122 A.U.E


The First colonization to Mars, Luna 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to the public, and the rest of the solar system. There are other stations among the stars. The public of Earth is now with the higher United Earth Republic. The UEA Forces began colonizing the solar system.


-2045 A.U.E.

The United Space Force first operations. Trump orders the colonization of Luna and Mars.


-2069-2350 A.U.E. - The Contactica Wars.


2000-2200 A.U.E.- Red Lord in Sol.


The Orionains control of Sol. The Red Lord Control of Mars and outer Sol. The Earth Public celebrated one hundred years of humans in space. They have colonies on the Moon and Mars open to the public for the first time.


-2100- 2000 A.U.E -The Sol Wars


The Earth Systems Republic is forming. The Sol Civil War. The Public of Earth just sent men to Moon and began colonization. The Or’A and UEA Secret conflicts. The Red Lord controlling Mars and Sol Sector. The near Contactica Wars and civil wars of So.


-2109 A.U.E- Zena Ta was Born.


Zena Ta who is a Blue Numian female. They have extra genitals too. Zena was about 380 years old during the SolOrion Wars. Zena is older than Zach and Younger than Nina and Azen. The Numians can mate with anyone. The Numian Male and females are no different from one another.


-2142-2300 A.U.E -The Contactica Wars. Humanity vs the Orionians.


-2222-2300. A.U.E -Zach Milano is born. 250 around the main event.


-2200-2400 A.U.E -The NumKa Wars.


-2469 A.U.E -The Kaloian Wars.


-2489-2505 A.U.E. -The SolOrion Wars.


The first SolOrion Wars. The galaxy was building up to a major conflict. The SolOrion War was the war that changed the universe forever. The return of the DarkA and forgotten past.


The Universe and the Galaxy had to stand together and fight the enemy. The SolOrion Wars was a series of galactic wars in the Milky Way Galaxy.


-2555-2700 A.U.E. -The Unari SolOrion Wars.


-2850-3000 A.U.E -The time of peace.


-3000-5000 A.U.E -The Universal Wars.


-5000 A.U.E -The Uversan and Beyonda Wars.


DarkA has been defeated. Remnants remain The Wars and the universe are endless. It is like a living, breathing, and never-ending cycle. The Creator made sure evil would not total the universe. The universe of SolOrion has many stories and characters. The Universe of SolOrion is endless.



The Universe


The Narrator

The foundations, lore, and information of the universe.


Zena Ta. {Numian Female.}


Zena Ta is a Blue Female Numian from Numia and Numa. Zena plays an important role in the universe. Zena is one of the main narrators and characters of the SolOrion Universe. Zena fought in the Numka, Kaloian, and the main wars of SolOrion.

Zena is a veteran and people get to know her. Is a pilot and universal explorer. She loves history and exploring the universe. Zena believes in the Gods and the creator being of the universe. Zena believes that everyone has a path and destiny. Zena dated multiple people, species, and sexes. Zena has close friends and lovers.

Zena is very skilled, friendly, smart, and has another set of skills. Zena has been an ace in combat, intelligence, and piloting skills over the years. Zena was shy at first, nervous, and scared.

Zena got help from her mentor, friends, and family. Zena loves to explore, learn, and see the universe. Zena is much more special to the galaxy. Zena is herself and an individual. Zena wants to be remembered as a hero and a legend.


Zach Milano. {Human Male.}


Zach Milano is a Male Human from Space, Solaria, and Earth. Zach is a veteran, pilot, Mixed martial artist, strategist, pilot, and explorer. Zach's mother is Orionian and part of the HuTaran royal family. Zach is half Human and half Orionians, ESR and Ori Space of the galaxy. Zach lived on different worlds like Earth, Luna, Mars, Solaria, and other ESR-SolNu worlds. Zach bene trying to meet his rival who tried to assassinate him at an early age. Zach comes from an Orionian Mother and a Human Father.


Nina Inisa. {Aqua Blue Numian Female.}


Nina Inisa a Female Numian from Planet Numia. Nina is like a greenish Blue like skin tone. Nina is much more than just a soldier and hero of the Republic. Nina Inisa is a love interest to Zach Milano. Nina helped Zach and the ESR throughout the century. Nina is a veteran, explorer, intel officer, and galactic federal agent.

Nina cares about her people, her loyalty, friends, and family. Nina family has a long history with the Milky Way Galaxy and the Wars. Nina is the majority Numian with some Human features. Nina does care about Humanity and finds them unique in different ways.


Iversis Ormula {Orionian Female.}


Iversis Ormula is from the Orionian home world of Orionia. Iversis is a female Orionian with wings, smart, honorable, and knowing. Iversis Ormula is the mother of The Red Lord and a high general of the Orionian military. Iversis is a warrior and believes in faith and honor. Iversis believes in her people and the gods.


DarkA. {God Male}


DarkA is the Dark God of the universe. DarkA is married to DarkOrA who is his lover and mate. DarkA is a God, and she is the lover and mate of DarkA. The Dark God of the universe.


The Narrator

There were good and bad characters in the universe. There were those who did not label themselves a hero or villain. The Universe is filled with characters that changed, made good, or hurt the universe.


DarkOrA. {Female God.}


DarkOrA is the wife and lover of DarkA. She led the strategy and attacks on the Uversa during the War of the Ancients. DarkA and DarkOrA created the DarkA forces are a universal threat. The Darkness needs the DarkA gods to do their job.


Goddess of Uversa {Goddess Female.}


The Goddess of Uversa is a God and from the Uversan Gods. The Goddess of Uversa is the head god of Uversa selected by the Creator. The Goddess of Uversa fights for the people of the universe. They honor and worship The Creator's vision and way of life for the universe. They must hold law and order.


John Lakolus {Male Human.}


John Lakolus is a Human male from Earth. Admiral Lakolus is a veteran of the first and SolOrion Wars. Admiral is at meetings in his Royal Republic body armor uniform. The Admiral is giving an important speech to the Republic and the importance of freedom, independence, and security. Admiral’s respect and honor enemy soldiers when they fall and surrender.


The Red Lord {Male Orionian.}


The Red Lord is wealthy, strong, very skillful, and the pilot is powerful. The universe fears the Red Lord. The Red Lord is a canine Anubis-looking Orionians. The Orionians have different mixes and types. The Red Lord is the main bad guy and villain of the SolOrion Universe. The Red Lord is loyal to his true blood, people, and the God of DarkOrA.


Javian Alviiza. {Anuzar Male.}


Javian is a male Anuzar from Zalus. Javian is a leader of one of the fierce pirate bands known as the Green Rinars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Pirate Band that is called The LORKAs is extraordinarily strong, powerful, and well-organized and one of the oldest crime groups. They do jobs that hire them and are anti-human. Javian is an Anuzar and ally of The Red Lord. Javian is currently the head leader of the organization. Javian helped The Red Lord in the war by giving him some recruits and insights.


Azen Lu’Ta {Numian Female.}


Azen Lu’Ta is a Green Female Numian. Azen is the daughter of a military officer and a business empire CEO. She works in her family empire. Azen has military skills, education, business expertise, and intelligence that comes in handy for her. Azen has been on many missions, assignments, explorations, and business contracts. Azen is a hero and plays an important role in the SolOrion Universe.


Ena Ta. {Blue Female Numian, Zena Mother.}


Ena Ta is a Blue Orionian Female. In the mother of Zena Ta. She was a war hero and turned businesswoman after the Numka and Early Wars.


BluNura. {Female Orionian.}


BluNura is an Orionian and Numian mixed species from a Numian Orionian Outer populated world. Citizens of mixed species and worlds have usually had dual citizenship. BluNura has experience for both forces and organizations. BluNura becomes a military fleet admiral in the Beyonda Wars and is an explorer and Historian of the Milky Way Nuria Alition.


Marlo Ezero. {Human Male.}


Marlo Ezero is a male human from Planet Earth. Marlo is a married man to a wonderful wife, an honorable officer, and a father to his family. The Earth Republic is like the Roman Republic. Marlo is friends with Zach Milano and John Lakolus. Marlo is part of the Earth Systems Republic and the SolNu Alliance.


Lunia Mia’Avta. {Xerian Female.}


Lunia Mia’Avta is a female Xerian from the planet Xeria. Lunia was born before the Numka wars of SolOrion. She is very skillful, an agent, marksman, pilot, and explorer.


Hector Rocka. {Human Male.}


Hector Rocka is a male human from Solaria. Hector Rocka is a war veteran, businessperson, soldier, pilot, and people’s hope. Hector is the president of the Earth Systems Republic during the first few wars of SolOrion. The President plays an important role within the SolOrion universe.


Stella Zuu’Vuc. (Orionian Female.}


Stellar Zuu’Vuc is a female Orionian from O Stella Zuu’Vuc became an Admiral after the Illian incident, she was promoted by the ORKA Federation. Stella is an important alley and figure within the SolOrion universe and story.


Anuba Ormular. {Male Orionian.}


Lord Anuba Ormula is a god among the people of Orion and Earth. A Grand ancestor of Lord Zavince Ormular and his family. Lord Anuba found hidden technology, taking things further than the emperor, and won many wars and battles for the Orionian Empire. Lord Anuba was the creator and founder of the True Blood Orionians of the Shador Empire. He did illegal acts against the Gods and Galactic rule of law.


Anula Izara {Orionian Female.}


Anula Izara is a female Orionian from the Orionian Home World of Orionia Anula is The Red Lord lover and second in command. She is very loyal to The Red Lord. Liza is also an Orionian just like The Red Lord. Anula knows her way around business, space, politicians. since she traveled, explored, and came from a powerful Orionian family. Anula’s parents are System Kings and Grand High officers.


Valia Barvanaa. (Kaloian Female.)


Valia is a female Kaloian from the Kaloian Homeworld of Kalo. Kalo is a mixed world of different aliens but the majority and birthright Kaloians. The Kaloians are a very restrictive, honorable, and warrior-like civilization. Cozira is a fleet commander, an expert, ace pilot, and legend of the Kaloian Federation. She is a soldier and respects the citizens and blood of the Kaloian people and the Kaloian federation.


Jiana Nanoman {Female Human.}


Is a female Humans from Mars. She is a General, president. She resigned from president because of the failures of the NumKa and Kaloian Wars. She became a ranking officer for the ESR, Nuria, and SolNu Alliance during the Wars. There are many more characters in the universe.


Olivia Nanoman. {Human Female.}


Olivia Is a female Human from Mars. Olivia Is the daughter of General and President Jiana Nanoman.


President Icava Alovac. {Male Kaloian.}


Is a Kaloian from the Kaloian Federation. Icava Alovac is a military expert, Veteran, and president of the Kaloian and Military forces. The president fought in countless wars and battles.


Valar Nanoman. {Male Human.}



The Father of Olivia and wife of General and President Nanoman. The Father is from the Eurasian and African region. An admiral within the ESR and SolNu Alliance. Does choose to be a politician but a resolute soldier to their people. Valar Nanoman knew Zach Milano parents and play a small role. The Nanoman and Milano are in some ways related to the fact that they have blood in ancient Human history.


Neron Milano {Male Human.}


The Father of Aelus, Grand Father of Zach Milano, and uncle of Jiana Nanoman during the Contact and Numka Wars. The Milano family is excessively big. It is unknown how his grandfather died much to say was assassinated by the Orionains.


Miikar Roma


Miikar Roma was The Admiral who served in the Unari Wars after Admiral Lakolus. Miikar Roma is from The Terian Systems. Miikar was an Ensign during the Terian Wars. The Terian Wars was set during the first and second SolOrion Wars. Admiral Roma helped the SolNu Alliance and the Nuria Wayan.


Nuria Wayan Alition


The Nuria Wayan Alition was set during the Unari, and Beyonda Wars after the Galaxy united against the ZavOri and Darkas forces. The times were dark for the galaxy after the SolOrion Wars and short time of peace. The Galaxy needed to be united for the coming threat to the universe.


Sol- Earths Systems Republic.


Is the Galactic Republic of Earth. Earth is the birthplace of the Humans. The Humans founded the Earth Systems Republic sometime after the 21st century. The Republic is based on democracy, a senate and governed by the people of Earth through elections and votes.


Numia- The Numian Alactic Republic


The Numian Alactic Republic or the N.A.R. is a great galactic republic of the Milky Way galaxy. The Numians are super advanced, smart, intelligent. The Numians were the first, most powerful and advanced society and civilization in the galaxy.


The ZavOri.


The ZavOri Empire came to power at the end of the Second Solorion War with the assassination of President Hector Rocka in between 2600-2700 Universal Era. The ZavOri Empire was gaining influence around the galaxy. The ZavOri Empire was started by the Zavarn Empire and the RedGoldA Ori Forces.


The Kalo Empire.


The Kaloian Empire came to power sometime after the Kaloian Empire. The Kaloian Empire wanted something more different and were more traditional in their beliefs than the Kaloian Federation. There were other groups that were separating themselves from the Kaloian Federation after the Kaloian Empire.


The Kaloian Democracy State.


The Kaloian Democracy State is the new Kalo Federation after the Kaloian Wars and the Solorion Wars. The Kalo Democracy State became popular in Kalo after the war and the new Kalo Sena Direction. The people wanted more voting rights and fairness.


Kalo- The Kaloian Federation


They are a federation of the Kaloian Civilization. They have federal service and voting rights. They care about their territory and people.


The Orionians and the Empire


The Orionains are based on Egyptians, Sparta, Federation, British Empire. They eventually break into different groups and have democracy and others.


Xerian- Xerian Imocracy


The Xerians are a mix of Democracy and Imperialism. The government has voting rights for the citizens of the Imocracy. They must serve and are Imperial. They are not fascists or Dictator Com. Citizens of Xerian Space come first.


The Gods

{They are the Gods, based on a council of high beings and they watch over the galaxy, the corrupted.}


The Main Factions

-The SolNu Alliance

-The ORKA Federation

-The ZavOri Empire

-The SenAveans

-You own faction


The Immortals

-The Creator.

-Good Gods.

-Dark Gods.

-The Greater Beings.



-Half Breeds.


The Andromeda Galaxy



The Aveans


The Mysterious Good Race

The Mysterious Bad Race.

The Avia.

The Andromans.


The Illian Galaxy



SenAvi Empire.

SenAvi Pirates.

SenAvi Imperials Regime.

Illian Free States.

The Illian Republic

Illian Rouge States.

The Sin’Avean Hive.


The Galva Galaxy


The Galvans Republic.

The Galvans Empire.

The Galvans Rebels.

The Galvans Pirates.

The Galvans Free States.


The Galvans.

The Narvans.

The Alunans.


The Milky Way Galaxy







The Zavarns.

The Zavis.




The Samarans.

The Nurians.

The Martians.


The Factions.

Earth Systems Republic.

Numian Republic.

Xerian Imocracy.

Kaloian Federation

Orionian Empire

Norma Galactic Republic

The ZavOri Empire


Minor factions, criminals, pirates.


-Aveo Mercs

-The Red Mantas

-The Blue Knights

-The Pirates


{Human Loyalists of Orion}

The Red Legion

{-The Red Ori Lord faction before the ZavOri Empire}

-The C.O.R.E.

The Colonel Outer Rim of Earth


Independent Colonies of Earth


United Systems of Earth

-D.S. O

The Democratic System of Orion.


The SolNu Alliance Forces.


The Earth Systems Republic.


The Numian Alactic Republic.


The Xerian Imocracy.


The HuTaran Royal Republic.


The Kalo Federation.


The ORKA-DarkA Forces.


ORKA Federation.


The DarkA Forces.


The ZavOri Forces.


The ZavOri.


The Zavarns.


The Kalo Federation.


The EarthA fleet is the main fleet of the Earth Systems Republic. The EarthA Fleet oversees the Prime worlds of Sol and the main battle fleet. It is made up of millions of ships, fighters, and billion personals. The Solara Fleet is the second largest fleet.


The E.S.R Fleets.


The EarthA Fleet.

Earth Fleet.

The Noran Fleet.

The Inner Fleet.

The Outer Fleet.

The Sol Fleet.

The Nora Fleet.

The Solara Fleet.

The Teria Fleet.

The Earth Fleet.

The Mars Fleet.

The Luna Fleet.

The Norva Fleet.

The Novar Fleet.

Sol Border Fleet.

The NuSol Fleet.

The BluSol Fleet.

The Yorkva Fleet.

NuSula Fleet.

SolaKnight Fleet.

The Black Fangs Fleet.

The Black Knight Fleet.

The Black Trista Fleet.

The Blu Suns Fleet.

The BluNar Fleet.

Brando Stars Fleet.

The Rangar Fleet.

The Two Sols Fleet.


The Numians Fleets


The Numa Fleet.

The Numar Fleet.

The NuSar Fleet.

The NuMona Fleet.

The NuMoons Fleet.

The NuBlue Fleet.

The Numian Fleet.

The NuAor Fleet.

The NiNu Fleet.

The NuSolori Fleet.

The Numarla Fleet.

The NuSola Fleet.

The Inner Fleet.

The Outer Fleet.

Outer Numia Fleet.

Numar Spec Fleet.

Inner Numia Fleet.


The Technology and Gadgets of SolOrion.


The Technology that is in the SolOrion Universe. The universe has different tech, weapons, ships, gear, and more. Technology has advanced over time and throughout the SolOrion Universe.


The Enartechnologies.


Enatechnologies is the name of the source given to the universe of SolOrion. The Creator Being created the galaxy with their energies. The Universe has been called Enatechnologies ever since. Some say the Enatechnologies are what made the universe and all living things. Some species have used the Enatechnologies found in the Telics, and they created new life forms and species.




Enartech is a technology and fuel within the SolOrion universe. It is super-advanced technology that The Creator gave and allowed the universe to use. The universe was The Creator's playground and world. The Creator wanted to evaluate the population. The Universe needs balance. The Enargy gives a fighting chance for the Mortals and Gods. They both can die and compete with the energies.




Enargy is the main enargy source in the SolOrion Universe. The Creator gave the universe Enargy is the enargy to power ships, technology, civilizations, and create technology. There are many rumors of what Enargy was. It took years for civilizations to understand the knowledge and technology of Enargy.

Before Enargy the mortal beings were doing what they can to survive from natural resources. Enargy is a clean and new source of technology. It is better, more advanced, and cleaner than Nuclear, warp, and other pre-space technologies. The civilization needs to require Telics to unlock the Enargy sources.

There are those in the universe who want to use Enargy for wrongdoings and evil. Enargy was what allowed civilization to explore, venture, and evolve. The Enargy created the hover ability and advanced weapons like guns, lasers on ships, special protection in armor, weapons, and people. The beings can even learn how to use the Enargy to create firepower. The Gods have Enargy that the Creator gave them.

Enargy is the mystical and unlimited enargy that the Creator left behind for the universe. The Gods have been fighting over the enargy and the Telics unlocks more information about them for billions of years.


The Telic.


The Telic is a metallic-like structure that the Gods were ordered to place all over the universe when the Gods were united and collaborating with the Creator. The Creator left sometime after the Telics been placed billions of years ago.

The Telics contain hidden secrets, knowledge, and information about the universe. Some Gods and Mortals wanted to consume, take, and destroy the Telics for themselves. The destruction and consuming of the Telics led to war by the Gods and Mortals. According to the Galactic Archives, the Telics are sacred, worshipped, and honored by galactic beings.

The Gods go to the Galactic Capital and worlds to teach of the Telics. The Telics should not be harmed, destroyed, or consumed. Beings can study, gain knowledge, and learn from them. The Creator placed Telics on every world while some worlds have multiple and different types of Telics.

The worlds that are habitable and contain life have multiple Telics. They have the energy to prevent destruction and toxins from outer space. Each habitable world has the main elements of the element water, fire, sand, and wind to function the world.

If the world is destroyed, the Telics are lost in space and time. The elemental Telics are important to the world and are not hackable by a mortal. The creator allowed it to happen. The universe must have a balance of darkness and light, hot and cold. Balance is the keto of the universe.




The Enarweapons are the special powers and technologies that the universe wants. The weapons are super advanced. The universe believes that weapons can bring balance, better and evil to the universe depending on the persons and how they want to use the weapons.




Airspeed is the speed and faster than light travel named after the Energy from the Telics and by the Creator. The Enarspeed is faster than light and warp. Enar is the main source of enargy from the Telics.




Once a species of the universe discovers space travel and the knowledge from the Telics. The knowledge that they receive from the Telics provides access to unlimited fuel and space travel. There are billions of Telics all over the world. Each world has Telics.




Enar Gates are Galactic Point Connectors the Galactic and Universal Highway systems. The Gods and Mortals beings have been building Enargates for billions of years. There are billions of years of universal history and technology that are waiting to be discovered, unlocked, and found.


Artificial Sun and Planets.


The Earth and new species have not been able to harness that enargy. There are rules in place by the Gods and the species of the universe. The Numians and Orionians for example can create Dyson spears and their sun because they have been in space for billions of years.

The other Species of the Galaxy once they reach space, must follow the rules and laws. They must show and earn respect to gain that sort of power. The Creator and the Gods know that mishandling great power can have devastating consequences.

It was God's job to prevent and keep people of the galaxies safe. The Darkness wanted to consume and take the Telics for themselves to gain more power, control, and consume. It is one of the largest ships made by the Nuria Alition.

The Nuria Alition is a neutral organization during the war. The Nuria Milky Way Alition is the main government of the Milky Way. The ORKA Federation refused to join the Alition until sometime during the war.



Earth Star One. {Hero Ship.}


Earth Star One was developed by the Earth Systems Republic and the Numian Republic. It is a prime, capital, flag ship of the EarthA.

The EarthA Fleet is one of the main fleets of the Earth Systems Republic and the SolNu Alliance. The Earth Star One looks a lot like a Manta and Sting Ray. The ship itself has many floors, levels, rooms, factories, hangers, defense, and attack systems. The fuel is the latest enardrives from the Enargy that the Milky Way uses as their enargy. Is one of the largest and most advanced ships in the Earth Systems republic. The ship gets updated over the years by the Earth, SolNu, and then Nuria Alition.


The SolOri. {A Hero Ship.}


A hero ship was Zena first large and capital a ship. Zena commanded her ship with Admiral Azen who commands the fleet. The Solori is like the EarthA class type ships. The EarthA Class ships have similar looks of manta, stingrays like creatures of Earth, and flying mantas of Numia.

Earth and Numia share similar habitats, but Numia is larger, more alien, and unique to the Numians. The Numians are the most advanced species in the galaxy. They have very futurist textures and designs. The Orionians still keep their traditional pyramidical looks.


The Aori. {A Hero Ship.}


The Aori is a hero ship piloted by the Milano Family. Zach and Nina received the ship sometime during the Kaloian Wars. The Kaloian Wars shaped the current State of the universe. The heroes who fought and died in the Kaloian Wars. The Aori is made from SolNu, Numian, and Earth tech. The best of the companies developed the ship.


SCENE. In Wayan Space. 4000---- A.U.E

In Wayan Space sometime after the Uversan Wars.


Zena Ta

After the Uversan Wars.


There are talks of war with the Darkas remnants and uprisings in different parts of the galaxy by Loyalists of the past. Most heroes of the Uversan and SolOrion Wars are dead but have families who uphold their will, honor, and dignity. Many of them joined the SenAwayan and Nurian forces. The Numians can outlive most galactic species.


The Narrator

There are new heroes and villains being made. In Recent Years the Remnants, Loyalists and Darkness have been trying to creep their way back in the universe. The universe is like a never-ending cycle and fairytale of good and evil, and balance.


Zena Ta

I managed to find work for the Milky Way Nuria Archives.


The Kaloians.


The Kaloians are a lot like Humans in features, but they have an alien skin color. Their heads are alien-looking, and they have pointy ears. They have a tail. The Kaloians allied themselves with the Orionians because of several reasons and have the same form of government.

The Numians offered the Kaloians and Humans peace, but the Kaloians refused because they were getting their outlying systems taken. They are either called the Federation of Kalo or the Kaloian Democracy. The Kaloian Federal Monarchy is like the Russian Federation and Imperial-Democracy of Europe.


The Galvans.


The Galvans are a lot like the Numians but much older. The Galvans are known to be the oldest and most advanced species in the galaxy. The Galvans are believed to be the first to discover democracy and freedom. The Relics lead the Galvans to the Milky Way. The Galvans then taught the species of the Milky way and did some engineering. The Galvans can live to be around 7000-8000 years old. The Galvans are more than a billion-year-old society. The Galvans are one of the first democracies within the known universe.


The Martians.


The Martians are Humanoids but have alien head tentacles and are very tall. The Martians live above and underground. The Martian landscape has always been habitable and recently terraformed. Humans first met them in the late 21st century.

The Earth. System. Security. Committee and SolNu Humans met them thousands of years earlier. The Orionians, Humans, and Martians terraformed Mars. Mars contains life and it is not just red.


The Anuzars.


The Anuzar are like a bird-like species. They come in all sorts of different colors. They can live to be around six thousand years old. Male and Female. The Anuzar hardly meet other civilizations. The Anuzar are much older and one of the first Species of the known universe. The species will be known over time from the ancient relics placed in different galaxies. The Anuzar traveled to other galaxies in the past. They left relics and information. They disappeared for a long period. The Anuzar created a thinking machine like a race that drove them from their galaxy.


The Narrator

There are many different species and people in the universe. The main sectors may have one or more species and group of people. The Sol Sector and Earth had many different species, but majority are human.


The Aveans.


The Aveans are species that are one of the first alongside their counterparts the Lireas. The Aveans can live to be over 10,000 years old because they passed their advances and can live for a long time. Some say that they have God-like powers. They are direct descendants of the universal creators. The Kaloians and Orionians are descendants of the early beings along with the Numians.


The Illians.


They are from the Illian galaxy. They are younger than the Galvans and older than the Milky Way Galaxy. The Avarians and Illians have been at war for ages. The flashes of lights and explosions, radio waves were tracked from Nuria and even old Earth in the 1950s. They are the good race of Illia. They have a rival with the evil Sen’Avea Illian race. They are male and Female. They play a role in the Perilous Expedition.


The Atlareans.


The Atlantans are mixed Numian and Human hybrids who funded Atlantis during the old world. The old world of Earth was nearly destroyed by the Shador Empire and the Darkas Forces who once ruled the Sol systems. The Sol Systems are Sol and neighboring systems.


The Mysterious Good and Bad Species/Factions.


There are many different factions and species with unknown origins and mysteries. They have been mentioned throughout history and stories. They are either dead or alive, with The Creator themselves. It is unknown what happened to the race. The Avens and Ireas.

There are rumors they could be cross-dimensional beings. They go to the Universal Government from other galaxies after they find the location to share their ideas and what they know. Each race has its own story and secrets.


The Samarians.


The world of Samara has been controlled by the SolNu Alliance and the ORKA Federation. The Samarians wanted to be their world for years. The Samarians are more advanced than the Humans. Their world has been split in half by the east and the west. One side was Kaloian Federation, and the other was the Numian Republic.

The Samarians are a water-based alien race from Samara. They are two feet and have an alien-like head, and their eyes are like those of sea creatures. They come in blue and green colors. They are amazingly fast, smart, and combat oriented. Their world has been split for years so they know combat life.


Androids, Mechs, Holodrone, and robots.

They are alien, metallic and organic-looking beings. They come in different forms. Some are AI and others take commands.


The Sen’Avea Race of Illia.


They are both male and female. They come and go without warning. They do not interfere with minor and lesser species than them. They are after the Telics, and they work with anyone willing to help them. They can live to be incredibly old.

The Avarians have weapons the can destroy small planets, cities, and exceptionally large ships. The Sen’Avea race of Illia is on par with the Illians but not advanced or par with them in life span. The Illians beat their lifespan by a few hundred years.













The faith of the universe and the direction lies in your hands. You should choose carefully.

-Goddess Uversa.










May faith guide you through tough times and be creative here and there.

-Brandon Pichichero











Thank You


Playing, following, and supporting.































































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