SolOrion Story and updates.

Hello, Everyone. We hope that everyone is being safe and doing well.

SolOrion is a new and next generation scifi story, universe and series. SolOrion is a space opera. SolOrion is about good and evil, exploration, faith and destiny. Will the heroes solve their problems? Will the evil consume and gain control? Will the alliance and federation have peace? Will there be a balance? SolOrion was created by Brandon Pichichero and hired individuals. Brand is deaf, part disabled and had a difficult life. Brandon made a new universe to escape, have fun and to imagine. Brandon loves history, anime, video games, movies, and exploration. We want to make a video game. One of our main goals of SolOrion is to make a video game. We want people to get to known our story and universe. We have other unique projects and works we want to create and share.

We have our MS Book series out now the first title which is our first hybrid book series. We original wanted to do a Manga series but we need funding and a publisher so we released the story in reading format. We been working on the other titles and story lines.

To get most of it we need a publisher or make a few millions of dollars. We tried kickstarter but it didn't work. Some of our ideas and what we want to do.

Our Projects.

Out Now.

-Universa Book.

-SolOrion The Foundations Guide

-The SolOrion attempted first visual novel.

-Short Manga.

Future Projects.

The Games.



-Instant Action


-Story driven


-Character driven. Books and Manga Series



-Visual Novels

-Story. -Guides.

The Animations.



-Ships. -Anime.


The Music








-Pin Ups

-Character profile pics


-Character sheets

-Weapon sheets

-Space Art

-Wall Art


Physical Collectors.


-Action Figures

-Board Games

-Collector models.

To require.

Productions -Publishers



Here is a free preview from us.

If you want to support the creators, help our business and website grow you can share, support and follow our work. Any profit that we get will go towards other projects. We also have to make a living until we get publishers and someone to help us.

We are on reddit, youtube, artstation, and instagram. Thank you

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