SolOrion. We respect privacy of others.


SolOrion is created by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is copyrighted by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is story of good and evil among the stars. SolOrion took many years to create from scratch. We had the concept, story, and countless hours of creating and resources mostly by one person. We take privacy very seriously. We redirect the privacy of others, creators, fans, and workers. We do not and want to sell to third party or know what others do in their personal lives.

We just ask to keep personal life and story work life separate. The creator have multiple websites or person, history, and story related websites. We just ask to leave your politics and other issues at home. We hire based on skills, talents, and what they can do. The creators of SolOrion, property and websites can support and do whatever they want because they are the creator. SolOrion is a mature story.

We write mini blogs news stories and updates. If you are sensitive of material be warned.

Thank You

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Hi, We keep our news updates and blogs short because we just want to get to the point. We know that people have short attention. SolOrion is a story of good and evil among the stars. There are themes