SolOrion want to make a game.

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We want to make a game using unreal engine. We have the models, story, and concept. We want to make a simple indie sand box battlefield like game, and space combat game where players can creat their character, pick a faction or no faction, and play the story. We are trying to figure out what will work. If we use unreal engine the open world mechanics are there. We can start small, grow the base, and expand when we have the budget.

I really want to make a game with space combat, fleet battles and exploration. We already have the models, basic characters, and factions. We just need help putting the game together. If you are interested in support our project you can buy items in our store. We get direct funding and support. The funding will go towards the projects. We have music, art, and graphics, and books out now.

Road map.

Sand box game.

Battlefield like game.

Story Steven game.

All in one type game. What we gathered by researching







Thank You

Brandon SolOrion.

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Hi, SolOrion is created by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is copyrighted by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is story of good and evil among the stars. SolOrion took many years to create from scratch. We h