What is SolOrion?

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What is SolOrion?

SolOrion is a new space opera story and universe about good and evil, morality and hope. The Gods split up after the creator God created the Universe. There were ancient and long-lasting wars between the different universal factions. The Universe factions were fighting for different reasons. One wanted peace and thing back to normal during the time of the Creator. The Other want domination, complete control and full reign over the universe.

The Ancient Gods War eventually lead to the mortal civilizations where beings had to pick and choose which many civilizations believed in the Creator and the Gods. During the War life became more difficult for the Mortal Beings of the universe. Years followed the war led to the Milky Way. The Milky Way had the good gods watching over the younger beings of the Galaxy. There were hidden relics that some gods wanted themselves to control. the other gods would not allow them.

The Ancient Milky Way Wars eventually was forgotten for a period after the Gods left. The forgotten wars that were once forgotten were about to return. SolOrion is an action packed with characters, events and key moments of the universe. SolOrion a mixture of old and new science fiction. SolOrion is for an older audience and it is like Star Wars, Dune, Lord of the Rings, and Mass Effect combined.

SolOrion have real world myths, history and science fiction lore to make a unique new universe. SolOrion is action packed from the beginning to the end, is there an end? There are many different characters, stories, quests, and lore to keep people glued to the universe. SolOrion was created by Brandon Pichichero back in late 2012. Brandon wanted to make a new sci-fi story and fictional universe. Brandon wanted to do other stories, works and ideas.

Brandon helped and maintained SolOrion Studios. SolOrion Studios is the independent studio behind SolOrion. SolOrion want to be in book, movies, video games, and other media. We want to do other unique projects like other stories, real models for future space adventures, technology maybe.

If you like to see the preview our story you can go to our website. We are looking for support, money and help to build our universe and brand. We want to be in movies, games, books, art and do other projects. We been working on our story and visions for a long time. We just want to make people happy, have fun and escape the real world and drama.

Thank you,

Team SolOrion

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