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SolOrion a new universe, series and story that is waiting to be discovered. A story of Good and Evil and faith, destiny and hope. SolOrion is a story created by Brandon Pichichero, Team SolOrion, and SolOrion Studios.




SolOrion and SolOrion Studio is a story and studio created by Brandon Pichichero. We want to make a new manga, game, books maybe animations and series, and universe. We know our subject and topics very well. We want to tell a vision of the universe like know other before. Science Fiction allows us to go all in and tell the story way we want it. The main story is set during the SolOrion Wars.


The story goes from the creator creating the universe, the beginning of the universe, and the future where the main characters are stories are set. Other genres there are limits and sometimes harder. We want to tell our story from the beginning, real world history, and events with some twists and turns. If you love science fiction, war, military, space, fantasy, mythology, history, and other areas you will love our story and universe.


About the SolOrion Universe


SolOrion is about good and Evil among the stars. The creator being created the universe. The Creator then created the gods to help keep balance, law, and order. The Creator asked the Gods to place is Telics all over the universe which took thousands of eons to create. Then there were indifferences between the Gods and the gods split into different groups.


The Neutra, The Uversan, and the DarkA. The Uversan are the Good Gods and loyal to the Creator. The DarkA are the Dark Gods of the universe. The Neutral are loyal to the creator and keep the light and dark balanced. The Uversan want peace, balance, morality, and honor.


 They want the universe to be back the way it was in the time of the creator. The DarkA want nothing to do with the creator, they want to determine, create, and consume the unknown and make their own set of rules and laws. A war broke out between the Gods of the Uversa and the DarkA. The Uversan controlled one part and the DarkA controlled the other.


The Shador Legion sided with the DarkA forces and had control of the Earth. The DarkA need more soldiers, engineers, and labor. The DarkA asked the Shador Legion of the Orionains to create Humanity. The Orionians are an ancient and old alien race just like the Numians. The Orionains have different factions. The Orionians warred each other and others for control of Milky Way Space.


The DarkA with control of Shador Empire control most of the Milky Way. The Shador Empire damaged the Ori Empire and the HuTaran Monarch. The Numians stepped in when The Orionian Empire lost control of the sector. The Numians with help of the Uversan and Neutra forces they stopped and removed the Shador Empire.


The DarkA was pushed out of the Milky Way. The Shador Empire remained and posed a threat in the Milky Way Galaxy. Years later after the war of the ancients or the war of the gods the heroes must help keep the balance between the multiple worldly forces. The heroes and the factions are securing Telics and reporting to the Neutra and Uversan universal government.



The characters are finding their path and destiny which they have different goals and missions in life. The evil wants to take what was once theirs, their creation, and control of the universe. The Good must find a way to unite the universe and stop the evil from consuming. The universe must have stable, security, law, and order to maintain balance. The Creator want may or may not return if the universe maintain balance.


 The main story is set during the SolOrion Wars when The Red Lord and the might of the Orka Federation attacked Sol. The President ended up being taken from Sol. Sol is part of the Earth Systems Republic and the SolNu Alliance. The SolNu alliance acted and retaliated against the Hellbent Regional Lord.


What do you think will happen? Do you think the DarkA will consume? Will there be unity? Will there be balance?

Thank you for understanding.

All are welcome.


Come and enjoy.