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----B.C.E The Universe. The universe was created with the Big Bang. The Creator of the universe then made life, gods, and mortal beings. The Creator planted Telics around the universe which contains knowledge, information, technology, and other unique teaching which will help the universe grow.

----B.C. E - The Earth. The Beginning of the Galaxy. After the creator of the Universe by the Creator itself. The Galaxy and universe have many names for the creator. The earth had many civilizations. There were great wars and occupied by the Shador Empire who developed and engineered the modern humans millions of years ago.

Zach Milano.


Zach Milano Is a space who lived on multiple planets and have dual citizenship of HuTaran {Orionains.} and Earth {Human.} Space. Is a Human and half Orionian. Zach is more Human than Orionian.


Zach Mother is Orionian that look more human features. Zach Father is Full human. Zach is a pilot, military expert, and a explorer. Zach eventually finds Nina who is a Female mixed Numian.

Zena Ta.


Zena Ta is a Female Numian from the Planet Numa. The Secondary and most populated world in the Numian Systems. Numara Sytem is next door to Numia. Zena Parents come from Numia and Numara.


Zena been around the universe and and experienced key events in galactic history. Zena dated different people men and women over the years. Zena found her love who is from Numia. Zena is a pilot, veteran, military, and historical expert.

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The Ships of SolOrion

The Milky Way Galactic  and Universal Forces

The SolNu Alliance Forces.

Earth Systems Republic.

The Numian Alactic Republic.

The Xerian Imocracy.

The HuTaran Royal Republic.

The Kalo Federation.

The Orka-DarkA Forces.

Orka Federation.

The DarkA Forces.

The ZavOri Forces.

The GoldA'Ori.

The Zavarns.

The Kalo Federation.

The Fleet of Earth Systems Republic {The E.S.R.}


The EarthA fleet is the main fleet of the Earth Systems Republic. The EarthA Fleet is in charge of the Prime worlds of Sol and main battle fleet. It made up of million of ships, fighters and billion personal. The Solara Fleet is the second largest fleet.

The E.S.R Fleets.

The EarthA Fleet.

The Sol Fleet.

The Nora Fleet.

The Solara Fleet.

The Teria Fleet.

The Earth Fleet.

The Mars Fleet.

The Luna Fleet.

Outer Sol Fleet

Inner Sol Fleet

The Nova Fleet.

The Sol Border Fleet.

The NuSol Fleet.

The BluSol Fleet.

The Yorkva Fleet.

The Numians Fleets

The Numa Fleet.

The Numar Fleet.

The NuSar Fleet.

The NuMona Fleet.

The NuMoons Fleet.

The NuBlue Fleet

Outer Numia Fleet.

Inner Numia Fleet.

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