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Brandon History and blogs. Brandon cover games, history, movies, travel, and more. History of the ancient world to the future of Humanity. Travel topics like ancient ruins to space travel.

Brandon Pic personal website, blogs, and what not. I cover history, technology, military, and more. No politics. I mock politics for the most part. I am always learning, reading, and creating new things. You can follow, support, and become a fan.

SolOrp Techno

The Future is Now!! The future is Tomorrow!! Only at SolOrp Techno

The Universe is waiting for you. Knowledge is key to the universe. History is important!!

SolOrp Technologies by Brandon and SolOrion Studios. The sister website to SolOrion. To bring story content and technology to the real world. How cool would it be to be on moon, mars, and far reaches of space with innovative technology that works?

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