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Our projects and funding.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

SolOrion A New Universe


“SolOrion is awe-inspiring, beautiful, large, unique, exotic, and a place to venture. In Our Universe, there will be billions of worlds, millions of systems, and more to explore and imagine. -Brandon Pichichero

What are you supporting?

You are supporting a brand-new universe and story. We want to get our Manga first volume and series, animations, a game, art, and goods. first manga volume of pages then to full series. We want to get our soundtrack. We want to make a game. We are building a universe to escape, explore, be yourself, and have fun. "The creator is disabled/Deaf and has speech problems. That is why we use text boxes and type. To get editors, voiceovers, and more we the funding and support. Thank you."

What is in the story?

In SolOrion there are unique stories, characters, factions, and others that build a universe. There are stories like galactic warfare, ancient war, and current civilizations colliding for the faith of the universe. The universe must find a way to bring and restore balance. You will know Zena Ta who is a female Numian badass and sexy alien. The Red Lord is a menace to galactic society. the universal forces fighting for voiceover balance and control.

About Brandon and SolOrion.

SolOrion was created by Brandon Pichichero who is deaf/disabled, a historian, explorer, and our love for science fiction. is an epic new space opera about good and evil, destiny, faith, hopecollidingSolomon, and other meaning. In SolOrion There are galactic wide conflicts, character confrontations, and space battles. In SolOrion The Good must find a way to stop the bad.

In SolOrion there are millions of years of content and finding clues to the puzzle. At the beginning of the universe. The universe must find a way to restore order and balance to the universe. There are many different forces, characters, and factions at play. SolOrion has its main storylines, sub-stories, character, ad factional events and stories in the universe.

The Creator created the universe. The Immortals which were led by the creator the mortals, and other organic and sentinel beings of the universe. The Universe was at peace before the darkness came. The Darkness came without warning and threatened the peaceful life of the universe. It started when the creator disappeared for a while and left ancient Telics around the universe. The Gods were the ones who had to guide and protect the Telics and the mortal beings. The Darkness quickly consumed some of the gods and mortal beings of the universe.

The Galaxy and the universe must find a balance between them. The universe needed to find a way to exile and defeat the darkness. After the battle of the ancients, the Telics were once long forgotten. The Telics were discovered by the Mortal Races once more and they began evolving and changing into an advanced civilization. Some Mortals wanted the Telics, knowledge, and power for themselves.

Others wanted it for the good and sharing of the universe. It caused more conflict and wars in the universe. “The Red Lord was an important figure during the Great Milky Way Wars, The Thousand years wars, or the Great Darkness.” The Narrator said. The war bought back the Gods of the light called the Uversa and the DarkA which are the gods of Darkness.” The Narrator said.

The Mortals looked up to the Gods and the teachers of the universe. The universe was then split into different factions like the DarkA which are the Dark Gods. The universe has been fighting ever since the beginning of time. The Universe needs their faith, their destiny, said balance, and order to maintain stability. Will the good bring order and balance? Will evil rule the universe? Will the heroes become legends? Will the enemy gain control? Find out in SolOrion!!

What we trying to produce and make.

The Goods.

These are some of our prototypes. We want to make the manga, patches, get hats, and all that. We are trying to build the basics of our universe. We have the basic, art, and small books out now that you can see.

Zena Ta

Zena Ta

Zena Ta is one of the main female lead characters. Zena is a Numian. Zena is a hero, a pilot, an explorer, and more. Zena led the Numian, ESR, and SolNu alliance to victory. Zena is learning her way around the universe. Zena plays a big part in the SolOrion universe.

Zach Milano

Zach Milano

Zach Milano is one of the main humans and male leads in the SolOrion Universe. Zach is a pilot, a soldier, an explorer, a bloodied warrior, and an honorable man. Zach has a unique personality and background. Zach eventually finds the woman of his dreams. Zach's arch-enemy is The Red Lord. Zach is a hero and legend within the SolOrion Universe.

The Red Lord

The Red Lord.

The Red Lord is the Galaxy's most wanted and feared person in the galaxy. The Red Lord won countless battles and wars. The Red Lord is married to his wife who he loves. The Red Lord is a rival to Zach Milano and the Galaxy.

Goddess UversA.

Goddess Uversa is one of the main good gods of the story. The gods have been fighting for billions of years.

God DarkOrA.

DarkOrA is the main and ultimate villain of the story.

Our Praises.

“The story sounds interesting. Good Luck and Achieve your dreams, Brandon.”-Mark Hamill. 2017 Star Wars Celebration. 2017. -Skywalker

"Your story of SolOrion and passion sound unique." -Ashley Eckstein. 2017 Star Wars Celebration. -Ahsoka Tano

“Your story of SolOrion sounds exciting and interesting.”-Karen Gillian. 2015 Eternal Comic Con. -Nebula

“Best of Luck in the future. The story sounds interesting.”-Michael Rooker. 2017 NYCC -Walking Dead, Hondo.

The Game.

Our first game idea is an open-world space and third-person story action-like game combined. We want you to create your character, do missions and explore the universe. We have unique and interesting ideas for our game and series. The game will be a series of games. We just want to do something fun, awesome, and unique. Just imagine you playing our game.

We want you to have fun. We want you to explore, and have epic space battles with sea air, and land open-world third-person action. We want players to rage war, land on planets, and do missions in the story modes. We want players to feel like they are living in another world. A world to escape drama real world and boring stuff.

Some questions for you to answer. What is your destiny? What is your motive? How will you divide the universe? Will you be good? Will you be bad? It is all up to you. How many series lets you do a story, and mission, build your crew and fleet, and have space combat, singleplayer, and maybe online??




-Fun Modes

Instant Action and Online.





-Fight Modes


-Galactic Conquest

-Battlefield supremacy.



Our art

We edited in programs with our original and royalty models. Ideas for games.

Examples of fight modes

Xerian Female

Human Male

The Red Lord

We made it with our royalty models. Trying to get our own.

Some Original ship designs

Brandon Pic Original Ship concept.

An example of what we like but a picture that is on a larger scale and has better graphics and models.

The Movies, Anime, and TV.

In the main Story Arc with the SolOrion Wars and the Beyonda Wars. SolOrion has many stories, characters and more just waiting to be discovered. We want to do Anime, movies, and TV if we which more than our goal. We want to be a whole universe. We have the scripts and stories planned and written.

The Books, Manga, and stories.

In the SolOrion book series, we want people to learn about the world. In SolOrion we have unending lore, world-building, action, drama, and romances in the story. The series may feel too dark for others but that is how we want to create our universe and story.

The manga version and series will feature a visual novelization of the story and universe. We completed a long-running series that can be turned into many books. We want to be the next big science fiction universe and story. The anime and Manga may be similar in terms. We eventually want to do video games and other stories.

"SolOrion tells a story between good and evil. it is good and evil within the universe. the universe of SolOrion is richly diverse, advanced, and so much more. In SolOrion there are discoveries every day. Humanity and the galaxy are evolving and advancing.”

“Who will be the heroes? who will be the victors, the good or the bad, neutral forces? What will the faith of the universe be like?”

SolOrion Expedition is about a team that goes missing in a brand-new unknown galaxy in the SolOrion Universe. The Teams run into Organic and Sentinel beings. The Galaxy of the Milky Way who is at war must find a way to bring them home. The Milky Way Galaxy sends in a fleet while they are at war themselves."

The Music

We want to have our music, albums, and you name it. We can do it. We know some good people who can make it.

Some inspiration and what we like.

Space Wars.


World War Music.

Medieval Music.

Revolutionary War.



Game music.


We are trying to get our original music. Everyone will get a free digital copy and free digital version of our first already published produced book.

The Manga Preview

Our Future and Destiny.

The Creators are highly creative and smart people. We just want to strive, push new boundaries, make a future for ourselves and our families and give thanks to the world. We hope to fulfill our dreams. We hope to have both copies, but everyone will get a digital version.

Thank you.

Our websites and more information.

Thank you. We just need your help and support. We want to tell our story and show our world to the universe.

Thank you.


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