SolOrion looking for GameMakers. Paid, Intern full cred. We poor for starters.


We want to make a poor man halo reach and GTA. We have most models snd guns that we need. I made levels in unreal engine. We can get space, Earth, Solar System, Moon, Mars, and Alien works. We can do open world level like for starters. It is possible with the tool now we can make a SolOrion halo gta game. I think picking your character, following a story, faction or no faction would be a neat idea. Like Ground zeroes mass effect 1.

I had the idea of making a fan game with halo mass effect and starwars called SolCross. It like Halo GTA and battlefront in one. Indie and poor man fan made game to get popularity and my story noticed.

They use the Galaxy map to select level. In the level you have ground, and space. It possible to do. I tried it a few times in unreal engine. We will be using unreal engine.

The vehicles we have most fleets tanks, and Star fighters, and vehicles that I made myself in 3DS max. Others helped made the characters and weapons.

We need finish up person.

We need programmer.

We need modelers.

We need A.I offline bots and bots to play with since we want offline, singleplayer, player matches, and online. Singleplayer and story modes are first.

Thank you.

Brandon SolOrion

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Hi, SolOrion is created by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is copyrighted by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is story of good and evil among the stars. SolOrion took many years to create from scratch. We h