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SolOrion need investors, backers and supporters!!

SolOrion Studios is looking for investors, supporters, and backers. We already have the story, projects, and mercy for people to order, support, snd buy. We want to build the next generation video game, anime series, and movies. We entered some contests. We won a costume contest that is based on our design which we won. SolOrion is a story of good and evil, light and dark, and making right decisions.

SolOrion Studio mission is too bring people together, escape the real world, and be what you want to be in a vastly large exciting and unique universe. It been our soul purpose to deliever our dreams. People want to escape and explore new worlds. Our story have history, action, romance, adventure and more. SolOrion have stories where there is meaning. The meanings will impact the reader as the go along with the story.

The Story.

The Games .

The Anime.

The Books.

The video games.






Airplane designs.








We just want to see our story come to life like other legends and greats before us. In this day and age people want more stories, innovations, and universes to escape too. We are positive that people will have fun within our story. We did most of the work. The work is there we just need the funding and support.


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