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We keep our news updates and blogs short because we just want to get to the point. We know that people have short attention. SolOrion is a story of good and evil among the stars. There are themes that could help people in life. The honor, together, and morality that bring the good together. There is evil, people do things against their will and chaos in this world. It like the Bible in dirt of ways that shows characters, good and evil and how the universe work together to stop the Dark Gods. The creator is catholic and read Tolkien, Shakespeare, Lucas and other works. The creator chose sci-fi because sci-fi have endless possibilities. The Bible does sound like a sci-fi story in sort of ways. People should have faith and believe. There are those in this world who will attack you but people should be strong. There is something out there.

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Hi, SolOrion is created by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is copyrighted by Brandon Pichichero. SolOrion is story of good and evil among the stars. SolOrion took many years to create from scratch. We h