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SolOrion updates 2023

SolOrion is a story created by Brandon Pic. Brandon is deaf and English speaking voice trouble. People need to know. We had creators who helped us that we self funded and paid for. We are also planning on doing an anime and manga full series once we reach our budget goals. we are doing our own crowdfunding on our website.

We have most content out now. Online there are no refunds and you at least get something with your order and support. We are figuring out there. We have cosplay props, game modeled, and working on a indie game in unreal engine. We are hoping that we get picked up.

If you want classic old dune Star Wars and mass effect gundam like stories we are your last hope In the western market. We are a political, about escapism and fun. The creator is a historian, military enthusiast, love sci-fi, exploration and more. The creator is deaf and disabled. we believe in our dream, our god and faith. We have a purpose, vision and hope in this chaotic world hope from the heavens.

On our storefront we are taking orders for custom plushy, maybe art, and other items. We have our first books and soundtrack on website and Amazon. Our website to learn more about the story, universe, support, and more. Basically we are western anime Bible Star wars halo dune effect like story.

Thank You


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