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The models and pricing of Solorion.

Updated: Jan 30


The models will be made to order until we get a manufacturer who is willing to take on our new ones. We will have different prices like double the amount for colored versions. For blank models and doing it yourself will be lower. A starfighter for example will be 25 for the blank model and 50 for the colored version and you will get two models. The bigger ships like flagship will be 100-200 for an empty model and 200-500 for a colored version. It all friends on the cost to make, print and shop.

Until we find a manufacturer willing to take on our new, the models will be created to order. For colored variants, the price will be doubled, for example. The cost will be reduced for blank models and do it yourself. For instance, a starfighter will cost $25 for an empty model and $50 for a colored version, and you'll receive two models. Everything is related to production, printing, and shopping costs. There are similar businesses.

Thank You

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