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We need funding and support.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023


We need funding and support to make money for stories and pay creators. We have updated the website. There is new content and more. The grant will go to better art, anime, manga, and games we want to make. You have content that you can read, look at, and listen to now. Audiobooks will be more money than regular normal books. We have a few visual novels out now. We want to do more in the future.

Thank You.

Brandon SolOrion.


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Nobody's going to give you money for literally nothing. You're old enough to know that by now. Focus on just making one thing at a time, this weird everything at once approach will never work.

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I want someone else to takeover my marketing. I been disabled, rejected and bullied my whole life. I think that is interfering with somethings. I am offering a job and mod support. I am good at winning art costume art designs. I cant teach history and what I want to do online because the whole world is super soft and sensitive. I been working on my game. It looking really good. I have a few levels so far. I am offering free visual audio books on youtube. I do not care much about sales but getting out there, investors and that. Costume Cosplay and Gaming have a very very political one sided view. I do not think they are ready…

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