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We need Game Developers and supporters.


We need programmers and game developers who would like to help us out. We are independent, selfpublished, and original. We want to create a universe for people to escape, have fun, and explore. The games will be set in our universe. We have the boardgame that we using for proof of concept. The game we want to do is open world sci-fi action space combat and ground vehicles etc... The games will be set within our story.

We will have story character driven games as well. That is what we want to create for our universe. All media is connected while something's will be a spin-off. To understand the universe the people will have to read the books, anime, art, and games of the universe. We eventually want to make movie and anime series with our story. We already have the art, books, music c, concept, and tech demos of our games.


Thank You

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