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SolOrion UNA

SolOrion was inspired by different events of the world, history, and the mystery of the universe. SolOrion lets people think outside the box, faith, hope, and good and evil among people and the world. The SolOrion universe has something different for different people. In the beginning, there was the Numian Republic and the Ori Empire.

There were mysterious races that left Telics, some knowledge, and technology left behind. The embryos were scattered throughout the Galaxy. The Universe is long, large, and older than most people realize. The Milky Way itself is around fifteen billion years old or great. The Orionians come from the sector called Orion.

The Orionains have control of the many worlds and have bases throughout Sol, and the Earth Home System. The Orionains were expelled from the sector in the 2200s during the Contactica Wars of SolOrion. The Orionian Homeworld is on the Orion Belt. The Orionian Empire used to have complete control of most of the galaxy.



Not allowed to distribute Online.


SolOrion copies are not for resale, reuploading, and sharing. Thank You.

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