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SolOrion SS3

The story is set in different galaxies, regions, and sectors of the universe. The Story is set in the send part of the SolOrion War. A fleet goes missing on an expedition in the unknown uncharted territory of deep space. The battle for the faith of the universe and galaxy continues between good and evil forces. The Uversa been pushed back to their territory because the Darkness consumed most of the galaxy. The DarkA forces were the most dominant forces during Ancient Wars. The Creator and Uversan Forces managed to bring law, order, and balance from the darkness. The Darkness is trying to return once more. 


We are self-funded and independent work. Not for resale, reuploading, and sharing. Thank You.


It is set during The SolOrion Wars. Will the heroes come home?  Is the peace going to last between the two Galaxies? Will the SolOrion Wars End? What will the future behold for the survivors of the expedition? The galaxy and universe are at an uncertain place from the ongoing war. The future lies in the hands of those who are fighting for tomorrow.


Not allowed to distribute Online.


SolOrion copies are not for resale, reuploading, and sharing. Thank You.

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