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Star Wars Blue Tida preview

Star Wars Blue Tida preview



It is a time of uncertainty for the Galaxy. The empire is doing what it can to maintain law, order, and prosperity. The galaxy is facing a new threat from within the galaxy. The current government is facing trouble maintaining security, safety, and sustainability from the terrorists, rebels, and those who want complete anarchy. The empire in recent years has been gaining tons of support, resources, and investment because of the activity. The Empire in recent years has been doubling their military and working on new projects.


The galaxy will see peace, prosperity, and protection by the Empire. There are those who support the order and are against the order. A galactic citizen who goes by Erana is a force sensitive Twilek who is from the upper Corellian society. The Corellian Military and shipyards are the finest and best in the galaxy. The Imperial had complete control of most of the Galaxy. The Empire had new outposts in the unknown, inner, and outer rims.


The old Galactic Republic and the Jedi before them. Erana was a child was the Clone Wars happened. Erana became a ranking officer in the Galactic Civil War. Her mother is a Twilek and Half Mandalorian. Erana father is a Human from Corellia. Erana mother and father met on Corellia at an upscale business party. Erana was born in 21 BBY during the clone wars. Erana mother do business for the Corellian shipyards. The shipyards have been needing extra security and support.


The tensions are growing between the Rebels and Galactic Imperial forces in recent years. The young Twilek was getting worried. The Twilek witnessed the Lothal Terrorists bombings with her parents that were conducted by the Rebel Terrorists. There are threats of a new war coming from the Rebels. The galaxy just got out of the Clone Wars. The Jedi who left many citizens angry. Many lost families from the Jedi and enslavement. There is rendition between the two sides.


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