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SolOrion Card Game

 We got some feed back on our game. We listened. We are listening to our fans and what is good snd not good. I know that it is lot of work. We are working very hard.

The Card Game


We been testing our games. The Tabletop game can be played in different game modes like singleplayer, self-play, multiplayer, and coop. Either way it is a fun game.

The card game is like a mix of 21, black jack and west. After Each play The player with the highest number wins the game. All the cards played.

If players have the same number on the card it is a draw. No one wins that round. The cards are pushed to the side. The cards can be played with conquest game mode and big game modes.


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SolOrion Card Game and Rules

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SolOrion Online Rules and Game Guide

SolOrion Game Guide SenaArchives By Brandon Pichichero SOLORION Copyright © 2022 by Brandon Pichichero All rights reserved. No part of this book be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any mean


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