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SolOrion Card Game and Rules



The Card Game


Online and Offline Gameplay and modes. We are thinking about allowing people to play digital like that. We are testing things. I seen people play card games, collecting and trading online before.

It is like a game of war.

We have like 10 people play our game, 8 liked it and 2 did not like it.

We took feed back. We are updating our deck of cards. We will have to types.

The game can even be played online among friends or by yourself and others. We may upload the cards on our storefront for digital download. One card for each player.

The Card Game


We have been testing our games. The Tabletop game can be played in different game modes like singleplayer, self-play, multiplayer, and coop. Either way it is a fun game. 

The card game is like a mix of 21, blackjack and west. After Each play the player with the highest number wins the game. All the cards played. 

If players have the same number on the card, it is a draw. No one wins that round. The cards are pushed to the side. The cards can be played with conquest game mode and big game modes.


The Rules of the Card Game.


1.      The Card game can be played with any number of cards. It takes ten cards to play a small game.


2.      The game can be played with up to ten players. I have no limit. To get the best of it I recommend two players.


3.      The Game can be played within 5 minutes. The more cards, rewards and bonuses can take longer.


4.      The players can be on any side, play factions, or no factions card decks and even do their own thing. Most games will be played between factions the way the game is designed.


5.      They can build their decks by collecting and buying cards and card packs. They could even trade among each other if they want to or have doubles.


6.      The cards will be ranged by common, uncommon, rare, and exotic cards.


7.      There will be 7 different classes of cards


Negative Commons will be anything below O.

Bonus Cards will help the play. They will have a B on the card.

Common Cards will be between 0-30.

Uncommon Cards will be 30-60.

The Veteran Cards will be 60-90.

The Rare Cards will be 90-120.

The Exotic Cards will be 120-150.


8.      The players will need to shuffle their cards after picking their side or faction.


9.      The main card number is in the center of the card above the art. The Rank of card type is on the upper right corner. It should be easy to see. The plus means positive, and the negative means negative.


10.  The Bonus Cards have different symbols and logos from within the game. It could be any card, vehicle symbol or character.


11.  The Players can draw their cards at any time they want. There is no time limit. If you want a time lit it might make the game more challenging.


12.  You can shuffle in between. Anytime you want. It can help you win or lose. It all depends on the greater the card.


13.  If you have a negative card that counts as a loss to whoever has a negative number.


14.  Whoever has the greater card wins the round. They take their opponent’s card and then place it on their winning pile.


15.  If there is a draw with the same number no one gets that card. It goes in the draw pile between your cards and the opponent cards.


16.  Whoever has the bonus card can get a bonus card from the draw pile or opponent pile. It must be their faction card. (I suggest separating the winning cards. You card in one pile and the other in the other pile. At the end of the game, you count whoever has the most cards.)


17.  At the end of the game whoever has the most cards in their piles wins the game. The player with the most cards wins the game.

It is only a game.

Have fun.

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